Help…. Well kinda…

Been trying to learn how to play for a year now.. however I really cant overcome the hurdle of cords. Pretty lame huh?

What happens is one of my fingers keeps muting one of the strings I am playing (with any cord!) and it sounds terrible. I have tried, and tried and I can’t get it right without severely crippling my hand. No book, website or teacher has so far been able to help me with this either!

So I am a bit lost. The only way I can get a clean sound is by bending my wrist in a very painful way, it hurts like hell. That only works on a few cords though, some are completely beyond my hand have you will! I am pretty sure that’s not right.

Could it be that my fingers are too fat? Big? Or stumpy? I am just completely lost. Is there any decent videos on the web that can show a simple way of playing some of the most basic cords.

I did buy a DVD, but its useless, it only showed me howd to play three power cords... what a rip off eh?
play bar chords?
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i did the same thing. but i was not holding the string with the tip of my finger i was trying to hold it with thw pad so it rub other string muting them. try pressing it with your tip of fingers.
Well when you first start out this is by far the most common problem, and EVERYONE has it. I know you've been playing for a year, but I doubt you practice close to enough each day. If you practice for 2 hours a day you'll laugh about this sort of issue in a month or two, I gaurantee it. Unless your fingers are OBESE, you should be able to do it (have you seen BB king??). It's all about holding the guitar properly and having the right angle of attack with your fingers. Your fingertips should be comming straight down onto the string and bent sufficiently to get out of the way of the adjacent string. The pad of your finger shouldn't be whats touching, it should be the fingerTIP, closer to the nail than what you're probably doing, as the guy above me mentioned. If you have to bend out your wrist painfully to do this, you're not holding the guitar right. A simple "how to hold a guitar" google search will fix this as there are in fact a number of pretty correct (depending on your style) ways to hold it that are comfortable and allow for a full range of motion.

Por ejemplo: http://www.learnclassicalguitar.com/how-to-hold-a-guitar.html
^Thats just the classical way.
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Pretty much what tasty licks said. Make sure your fingers are coming straight down onto the desired string, and you're using your fingertips. Sitting in the proper position will also greatly aid your hand, as you won't have to struggle and bend your wrist. Use the classical holding method that tasty put up too, that will help you immensely.
clip your nails short, arch the fingers so they come perpendicular to the fretboard (or close to it), and fret with the tips of your fingers (like others have said). good luck!

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