Well, I'm a beginner and have only been playing for 4 and a half months. I have a Shecter Omen 6 with the black finish.

Well, when I first got my guitar, I would stupidly play on a kitchen type chair, and get knicks in the arch where my arm rests from being careless and bumping into the chair.

I have three in that area, each about 2-3 Millimeters in width and a Centimeter in length.

Also have three really small knicks in the headstock. Was on the guitar when I bought it.

Some very, very small scratches, maybe one or two, that you can't see unless your eye is like half an inch from the guitar, are also on the main body under the bridge/near volume and tone knobs. (These are from my friends mainly dropping stuff when my guitar is near and stuff)

So..how can I get these removed? I know you can paint over it, or stuff like that, I just need to know how and what to buy, or if I could get someone do it for me.

I'm a complete newb so bear with me, haha.

and yes, I have learned from mistakes and am ALOT more careful with my guitar now.
don't even worry about it. they aren't huge scratches that people will be able to see from an audience, and it doesn't sound like you'll be selling it for an antique. scratches happen. google images Battered Strat, and behold the coolness of a guitar that's been played for decades.
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leave the scratches there. it adds character

*looks at avatar picture of SRV chewing on his guitar*
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Just leave it man. When I bought my -83 japanese strat, it had dinges everywhere and I painted over them. I wish I hadn't, they were a testament to the history of the instrument! And you're still gonna make more dings in it, so bothering with painting over it will only result in it looking uglier than it would if you'd just left it.