I just bought an Ibanez RG5EX1 today, and I've been playing for about a year (It was on sale). When I brought it home, I wanted to tune it up (It was in WHO KNOWS what tuning). But whenever I try to, it doesn't do anything. When I twist it, it loosens the string above the neck. There seems to be some sort of neck stopper, to keep it in tune at all times. I need to know how to tune this thing.
Does it have a floyd rose trem,
look at the bridge, see the little knobs on each string?
Those tune it if it's a floyd rose or an edge,
to tune the headstock you need to take the hex screws out and remove the locks
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the strings are locked. You're gonna need someone to show you how to use that.
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AAAAHHH!!! AAAAAAAHHH!!! LOCKING NUT!!! NOOO!!! STOOOP!!!!!!. You have no idea how many times I broke the strings of those types of guitars before I learned the difference. There should be a few little knobs at the nut. Loosen them as you tune, and then tighten them back when you're finished tuning
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