so i have couple little minor scratches on my guitar (sunburst strat) and 2 deep ones. not deep enough to the wood but its pretty big. any suggestions that you guys have to remove these?? ive tryed normal fender stuff with no luck. people have been telling me to try polish for cars but i dont want to risk ruining the paint job, so give advise on what to use, how to do it, and how safe it is?? thanks
.....hmmm.....if it wasnt sunburst i would say just sand it all off lol...srry no clue
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You can take it to someone and pay to have them do it for you, since you don't want to take any chances. But scratches add character to your guitar, as well as stories of how you got the scratch. My old guitar teaches us that guitars are instruments that are only allowed to be handled by capable guitarists, and your little brother who can't play guitar cannot be trusted to watch your guitar while you go to practice.
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