Ok so new amp time, which one could pull off both stoner rock like QOTSA and Kyuss and some hard rock/metal like Mastodon or Black Label Society. Maybe some Sabbath and Zeppelin thrown in for good measure. I don't care if its stack or a combo. Must be tube, obviously. Also mainly for bedroom use, but also some practises with a drummer. Also, if its a stack, what speakers should I look for in the cab?

I was looking at the Tiny Terror and the Blackheart Handsome Devil. Any other ideas?

Somewhere around £400 hopefully. Cheers
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I wanna check out thoughs,too!The Peavey Classic 30 is suppose to really good,also good taste in music man!
Well if you have the money than you should go for the Tiny Terror amp head which is $500 something USD.
The handsomedevil comes in combo and halfstacks. $400 USD