Im sure that any buckethead fans who read this will have heard the album blueprints

Its a re-release of all of his demos, released in 1991

I just wondered what equipment he would have used to kcreate the drums, bass, rythm guitar and also all the ****ed up noises that he uses

I own it and it's sweet!

I believe at the time he was playing a modified Kramer guitar for the lead and rythme on Blueprints, although he may have ditched it by 91', can't say for sure. He played the bass, most likely on his Aria Pro II bass. A lot of the noises are samples from various films, but amongst the guitar related ones I'd say a harmonizer set at some pretty dissonant intervals, a whammy pedal, flanger and chorus are all present on that recording. Drums I couldn't even begin to guess, they seem to be triggered and sound pretty dated, so whatever it was is probably no longer in syndication.