It's been in my profile for awhile but the thread got deleted so check it out. Its got everything vocals and solo. Solo was dont by powerchord9988
not bad, but you need to buy a new distortion pedal (replace the one from Smells like Teen Spirit). It's hissy and at times downright offensive. But the playing is good, thats what matters I guess.
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well i had a pedal but dont use it any more. beast and the harlot was my amps distortion. Smells Like Teen Spirit however, was my pedal and thats the reason i dont use it anymore. The hissing prob has something to do with my dumb mic bc it sounds fine normally.
idk who did the solo but i know who dont did the solo... i stink
really good cover. i however don't like the effects very much at all though :/.

nice work!

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