me and me mate want to write a christian song but we dont know were to start can you people help me

Much appreciated
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the best way to do this is to read an entire book from the bible and try to relate that, as much as you can, to your personal situation.

Read my 'Number, number, weight, division' for an example, it's not a song but what i've just said is reflected in that piece.

It is based on the book of Daniel in the bible.
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take popular modern songs, replace "baby" or "girl" with "jesus".
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take popular modern songs, replace "baby" or "girl" with "jesus".

south park

but seriously just write about how you love jesus and want to be with him forever.
or if you wanna go deeper include metaphors, similes, hyperboles, antitesis, etc..
but most christian songs are pretty straight forward
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start with singing about wanting to perform sexual acts on jesus

Easy, friend. You have no place saying that. I hope you haven't offended the poor guy.

TS, just write about something that gives you hope or salvation, and possibly include some Biblical content in there, if it strengthens your message or point you want to get across.