I have an old Lero guitar my dad bought abouth 20 years ago, and i was wondering about giiving it a new finish.
It is in good shape, has a few scratches there and then, and I want to give the body a new gloss black finish.
The only problem is, I don't have a clue what the hell i'm supposed to do!

I understand you have to take everything off if you want to paint, but does anyone know about a tutorial anywhere? Is it hard to do? I've restored another of my dad's hand-me-down pellet guns, so im not that much of a stranger to it. But if anyone could give me any info or tutorials that be great!
Neck Attach.JPG
Looks like it's in really good shape! You sure it needs restoration?
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well you cant really tell from the pictures, but there's scratches and other little thing that make it look old. But the fact you said it looks in great shape makes me happy
ive already started taking the guitar apart, so hope im doing it right...
I want to do a gloss blue in the middle fading to black on the outside, what do you guys think?