I am about to buy my first electric gitar (PSR SE singlecut), but my budget are limited and therefor I am thinking of connecting the guitar directly to my computer.

I have a RealTek HD built in sound card on my motherboard and with the ASIO4ALL sound driver I get a good sound at 768 samples (17ms). Will this be enough to use my computer as amp and effect provider(Guitar Rig 3/Amplitube 2)?

Will it work to connect the guitar direcly through line-in?

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umm i doubt it... go check the recording threads.. tehy'll tell you a lot about plugging your guitar in computer line in
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Short answer: no.

RealTek HD = garbage.

If you somehow make this work then congratulations, but in my professional opinion, this is like doing brain surgery on an ant. You're better off squashing it and getting on with your life.

But knock yourself out, partner.
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Just get a Roland Microcube. It's about 100 dollars and has great tone and volume despite it's small size. It's a great beginner's amp.
I'm not sure where this people are getting this... but your sound card will be plenty enough and will sound awesome. The realtek HD also has an eq on it so you'll be able to tweak it and make it sound really awesome. Im pretty sure the thing you are talking about comes with a sound card though right? Not sure. I know I use a guitarport.... which is a usb sound card. But I use the realtek for playback and the guitarport for line in. And you can use the guitarport for playingback too. You'll be fine.