hey im deciding between an esp ltd alexi 200 or a peavey vortex ex. which one is better and has better qaulity?
Definitely not the Alexi.

What's your price range?

What music do you play?

What amp do you have?

What country do you live in?

What gear do you have now?
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lol the price range is 500 or so, i play mostly heavy metal/hardcore,i live in canada, gonna get a behringer gmx210, and i have a gibson acuostic and a silvertone electric discontinued model.
and i like the esp/ltd better cuz of the quality
dont get a behringer amp. ever. for anything. its just gonna sound like crap and break.
look into vox valvetronix, roland cube, or anything thats not a spider III or marshall MG

heres a guitar
go play some in your price range and find out what you like
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