I'm suppose to go see this guy today about this guitar. Is it a good deal? I think even if I don't like it I could sell it for atleast $500 if I wanted.

What do you think? Is it a good guitar? What are some things I should look for when inspecting it?

I also heard this guitar has a coil tap. Is this true for all models and years?
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Hell yeah it is. Classics usually run for about...$700 I think?
They're really good guitars, man. I almost bought one instead of my Plus, but I was still somewhat of a noob and needed fret indicators....haha

Yeah, I think all C-1's have coil tapping.

Well, the biggest things you should probably look for are major dents/scratches, make sure the neck isn't cracked or has a chip in the back of it, etc. etc...And should probably make sure the electronics aren't ****ed. Probably aren't, but you never know.
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