I would like to add another verse or a bridge at the end but I'm not sure where to go with the song. Please let me know what I need to change from what I have written already.

Verse 1
You tell me lies that I see right through
But I don’t realize what I’ve done to you
What could I do to make you feel like this?
Was it something I said or something I missed?
Is there something I can do to make it up?
Or have I run completely out of luck

Heartbreaker, don’t toy with me
Heartbreaker, my heart on a string
Heartbreaker, as far as I can see
Heartbreaker, there’s no room in your life for me

Verse 2
My love for you runs so deep
It’s all I dream about while I sleep
I don’t know what will make you realize
What do you see in those other guys
I can’t imagine you not coming back
I think I’d rather have a heart attack


Verse 3
If this is what love really feels like
Put it away far out of sight
I don’t ever want to feel like this
Like I’m falling in a dark abyss
Without you here I don’t know what to do
My thoughts are swirling, I don’t have a clue
Call me Dom
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i like this.
sorry that i dont have any constructive criticism but it think its good.
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the rhyming seems to be forced a little but besides that it is a very good piece I didnt really like how you repeated Heartbreaker in every line during the chorus but thats just me, even though it does sound right haha if you dont mind criting one of mine preferably enter the abyss I would appericate it