"UN:s declaration about the human rights has been signed by the countries that are members in the UN. Find out what the declaration contains (the different articles [There is 30 of them]) and describe how you think that the contents of the declaration are followed up to/acted out in various parts of the world.

Two A4 pages minimum."

- Stupid assignment that I must do.

Honestly, I never thought that I would start a thread like this in the Pit, but at the moment I don't give a **** about all of this, yet I must hand this in before thursday.

If I write a two page rant I will most likely fail this assignment, if I don't hand this in I will fail it, and I have too much work in other subjects at the moment to not be in a cynical hateful mood, therefore not able to suck up for human rights that isn't followed and to a teacher that probably doesn't care.

I'm thinking about writing a two page rant after all, on human nature, because given the right situation most of the things mentioned in the article can be ignored, really. But at the same time I feel that I will be persecuted if I do not write what the teacher wants to hear (for example, people that follows nationalistic or nazistic ideologies are expelled from this school).

Motivate me or something, please?
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Are women excluded from the bill?

If not they should be.

Because... ?