can you lot please tell me what is the difference between an acoustic and a classical guitar Thanks
neck width and string material.
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classical sounds more like spice if used rite and acoustic for the sad and happy man
generally acoustics have a tapered neck while the neck of the classical guitar is a constant width.

generally, classicals have nylon strings while acoustics usually have some sort of metal alloy for strings (steel, nickel, etc.)
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Nylon Strings
Steel Strings?
I think.
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clascals generally nylon stringed acoustics steel strings different sounds too classics are generally smaller too
both are meant to be played?
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both are meant to be played?

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Well firstly, a classical guitar is an acoustic guitar. The correct wording of your question would be: What is the difference between a steel string and a nylon string acoustic.

Nylon string guitars have a a wider fretboard and wider spacing between the strings. They have a smaller body (than most steel string guitars) which usually joins the neck at the 12th fret as oppopsed to the 14th for most steel string acoustics.
Nylon string guitars have a pinless bridge system.This can also be observed on steel string acoustics but is far less common.
Steel string acoustic guitars have an adjustable truss rod to counteract the tension of the strings. Nylon string guitars generally dont have a truss rod or they have a non-adjustable truss rod as the tension created by nylon strings is roughly half of the tesnsion created by steel strings.
^-- exactly what i was about to post. this is correct.

the only other noteable difference is the bracing. nylong and steel stringed guitars have vastly different bracing patterns.
Both are acoustic......one is CLASSIC(nylon strings,wide neck for fingerpicking) and the other is STANDARD Acoustic(with different types of necks like Baritone,etc).....well buy the two to see the difference.....enjoy
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both are meant to be played?

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