im bored so i want to start another thread.

so what do you guys think is better for metal with a tight not muddy low end?

5150 or the engl balls (powerball or fireball......if they sound different at all)?

of course the engl wins in the clean department.
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The engl... but a 5150 is kinda a cheaper option. They aren't night and day difference. Honestly I'd save the cash and go with a 5150. But the engl sounds a little tighter.
Either...the engl's give off a more european sound IMO. Both are awesomely heavy/brutal/tight/whateverthehellyouwannaputhere amps.

If someone offered me one or the otehr Id have to flip a coin to decide and I wouldnt be bothered which one the coin chose.
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Well, comparing the 5150 to a Powerball, the Powerball is the clear winner (imo).

A 5150 vs a Fireball is a little different. The 5150 is probably actually a bit more versatile, but still doesn't have the cleans of the Fireball. If all you play is metal and need cleans as well, the Fireball is probably the best bet, but the 5150 is more versatile than people give it credit for.
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wow i am shocked =o. i would have expected a landslide victory for the -balls immediately. o well its not over til its over. keep the comments coming.

what exactly do u mean with european sounding -_-.
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European sounding.... I know exactly what he means but its hard to explain it. But yes the 5150 is very versitile. You can do killer classic rock or metal with it, punk.. tons of stuff... and the cleans sound good to me with a lil chorus and reverb.
yeah i agree that the cleans on the 5150 are underestimated and do well with some chorus and echo/reverb. but usually if your into that type of stuff, you dont go looking for a high gain amp lol.
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ok i got something for you guys to ponder about. is a powerball that much better (features, tone, etc) to justify the fact i have to pay at least $1200 more (since you can get a 5150 off ebay) to get it?
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No in my opinion go wtih the 5150. I honestly think it's pretty much just as good. Just saying the engl does sound a bit tighter. But not 1200 dollars tighter. I use a bad monkey overdrive with my 6505 and it sounds really sweet. You can hear it on myspace.com/childrenofthesunmetal thats nothing but my 6505 and bad monkey see if ya like the tone.
i heard it in your other thread. it was a bit too bassy for me but definitely sounded good. of course i wouldnt be using the same settings as you lol. good playing BTW.

i have a boss SD-1 pedal, and i could use that to tighten things up maybe.
Schecter C-1 classic
Takamine GS330S
Roland microcube FTW!