Steven Seagull if your around I'm sure you could help me. I play from Blues Rock-Thrash Metal. I'm going to be buying pickups soon and I'm looking at the SD hot Rodded set with a SH-2 Jazz neck and a SH-4 bridge. I can get the set from Guitar Center for around $140. Would this set be good for my needs? What potentiometers, 3 way switch, jack would I need to complete my upgrade? Any other suggestions on any other gear is greatly needed. Thanks...
those pickups are the sh*t IMO. as far as the other stuff, i dont think u need it. just re-solder the wiring is all you need to do i think. ive never swapped pickups so i wouldnt know. those pickups are perfect for what your trying to do tho.
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I'd be more inclined to go with a Custom/59 set, possibly the Custom 5 if you're more into old-school thrash tones as that's a bit more versatile as far as bluesy stuff goes.
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