So i'm looking to start some recording and Im looking for a good 4 track or similar mixer to record into. Something like this is good, and something i can get in canada, at a L&M for instance..

Also for a mic, is an SM57 a good bet?

Connecting a mixer like this only requires a cable to go to the line in on your computer right? (I have the appropriate software on my computer already)


depends if it is a USB mixer or a firewire mixer. usb mixers connect directly to USB but have latency if you try to record multiple tracks seperately. firewire you need an interface but is super fast
i'm looking at the exact same set of gear to get for my bday in a couple months.

SM57s are the only way to go. and this mixer looks pretty good to start out with.

yea, you are correct. you need a line out cable to the computer.

btw, what software are you using?
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i have a cheap 6ch mixer (Voicekraft) it's does its job... i use it with an emu 0404.
great for making demos
is there a way to not use a USB interface, as in just use an analog audio cable to the line on the computer. USB isn't a problem tho, as I will probably not be doing separate tracks, it would be more 1 shot recording.
i dont think so. a usb mixer will most likely come with a cable so you can just plug it in and go
sounds good, if there isnt a latency problem. I was hoping to run an audio feed into the mixer from my computer, with a backing track playing, and record both my guitar and the BT at the same time thropugh the mixer to my computer. I hope that it works like this.