Ok so I made a thread awhile ago complaining about how my amp sounded too bassy and everybody just said I should get an EQ pedal.

However, I feel like that's not gonna solve the problem after some new evidence came up.

Basically, I realized that if I play a natural harmonic on the 12th fret, something interesting happens. If I play it on a low string, like the A string or big E string, the harmonic sounds nice and about the same volume level. However, as I start moving to the smaller strings like the B and the little E, the volume level of the harmonic decreases. if I hit a harmonic on the little E string I can barely hear it.

Basically, I realized the entire problem is that high frequency sounds aren't coming out of my amp.

I just need to figure out why this is and fix it. Could it be the pickups (doubt that, since they're nice new texas custom shop pickups)? Could it be a problem with the tubes, the speaker, or the preamp???

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ever considered that your amp is just bassy?
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that's weird. i have a MIA fender strat with texas specials and a hot rod deluxe, i don't have any of the sort of problems you describe.

try the 'guitar gear & accessories' forum, there is a thread on tube amps, somebody there may be able to help.
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Yeah that's weird - I've got the same amp and my roommate has a MIA Tele and we haven't had that problem.

Sadly, I dunno enough about it to really give you any advice. I hope you get it resolved though.
Try adjusting your pickup height. Bring the treble sides of the pickups a little higher. I had a similar problem and it helped me.
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When I play some like combinations of notes after one another and sometimes combine them really up high, it's super fuzzy (w/ distortion) and sounds kinda cool, but what if I want a cleaner sound?

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