Anyone got any idea of what amp Lynch used on the "Tooth and Nail" Dokken album?
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probably old marshalls from that time. randall has some modules for their rm series that lynch helped design and he is using them now. the different modules are made to get his sounds form different eras of his career
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back then, he used marhsall amps i think
not exactly sure what kind, but i read somewhere that they weren't stock.

i loved his tone back then. for a while he was using mesa and it was just raaannk, so muddy

"While on tour in 2005 he has used the Randall Dragon (non master volume) tube head for the majority of his sound. The design is very similar to the older Marshall Plexi heads that he used early on in Dokken."

from wikipedia.
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From the George Lynch website "We used a whole lot of things. We used Randall amps and I used six cabinets, 13 mikes and four channels. I don't exactly what Geof did, but he cued it in a certain way to make it sound like that," said George.
One of the amps George experimented with was the Seymour Duncan Convertible head. This 100-watt amp featured tube "modules" formulated to create different preamp tones by placing them in different combinations and different orders inside the amp's chasis. Several prototype modules were made for certain players. They even made one for George.
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