Using ebay, when you pay for something using paypal, it goes straight out of your account. however, i have sold a few things on ebay and have accepted paypal as a method of payment. however, it is not in my account!

i have now accepted the payment on the paypal website and it did nothing

i have now tried to withdraw the funds in my paypal and put them into my bank account (but this could take 5-7 days?!?). you also don't have to put in your debit card number.

what am i doing guys?! i don't wanna lose this 60 quid!
it takes a certain amount of time for the transaction to be verified when paying through payal but just taking the funds from an account.

have you sent the item out?
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It works, don't worry, it just takes a few days to move from Paypal into your bank acount.

and if you say "I have now" incorrectly one more time...
You have to see in your paypal account that the money has been sent to you when you sell...the money isnt sent as soon as the auction ends...

On your my ebay page it will slow when the person sent their payment.
Iif you dont get your payment within a few days or so (ebay site has the max limit of days the buyer can wait before paying...) send ebay a non-paying bidder allert
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You're doing it right, you have to 'withdraw' the funds, the money stays on your paypal account, which is like a virtual bank account if you like, and you can transfer the money into your actual account, but as you say, it can take up to 7 working days. Just the way it goes I'm afraid.