how long do you let an amp warmup?
i got a fender blues jr off ebay
and its not playing with my guitar plugged in
but it plays when its hooked up through my boss od-20 pedal but its scratchy

thanks guys
turn it on, wait 60 seconds or so then go. it takes a few (10-20) minutes to really get hot though when the tubes get their real tone.
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your supposed to let it warm up for at least 30 seconds, its not REQUIRED, but your tubes age much faster if you play it while their warming up.
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It should come on in just a few seconds, but itll take longer to sound good.
sounds like he would have tried for a bit longer than you're twenty second warm up time, check tubes perhaps?
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yah ive had a tube amp for a while now and its really much bettor if you lett them warm up for 3-5 minutes before actually playin thruoght the amp not only does it give the tubes more life but it actually sounds bettor than just playing it of the bat