Shure, its a Squire though and tbh the only Squire Id spend my money on is a vintage mod jazz.But if your only going to be messing around its not half bad.
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For $75, it can't hurt. If it's in working order, it'll serve you well if you treat it well. Don't be expecting anything great though. I have to say, they're very fun basses to work on and modify though.
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Pretty good, but don't opt for the stand and strap, he'd be ripping you off.
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Thirty five quid for a Squier bass? Go, check it out. It'd be a good deal if you get on with it.

Looks like a Standard, and they're really not bad, especially for what is basically pocket money.
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IMO, if any electric instrument plugs in and plays, it's worth at lest $60; Squier Standards run for no less than $140, so you're already getting it at half price.

If you're really interested, I'd say go for it. Even if you don't end up liking it very much, it will carry that same resale for a while, so you can get your money back.