I have the Sienna Sunburst Limited Edition Model with Tex Mex Pickups. It's pretty nice, couple strings get of tune easily with the tremolo at times and at first every time I bend the E and B strings it just went out of tune, but it seems fine now.
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I picked one up just recently myself (Deluxe Players Strat) and think it's an excellent guitar. I haven't had any trouble with it going out of tune myself, but then I mad sure that the nut was lubricated (graphite pencil), and also use a "locking" type stringing at the pegs, and so far so good. Still stays in tune with even light tremolo use and bending. I had thought about getting locking tuners to replace the ones it has now, but I probably won't bother unless I start to have any trouble with keeping it in tune.

The pickups are really nice, not the least bit noisy even when I'm in front of my PC. Has a nice chime to them and the switch is pretty smooth, no popping or clicking if I move it while playing.

I did look around and try a ton of guitars before I settled on the one I got now though, as I've been told MIM's can be hit or miss (when they "hit" they're awesome, when they "miss" it tends to be quite obvious).
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I thought about getting a Standard, but I found this, and I think I like it better. But thanks for your replies!
the deluxe strats are nice but wish the push pot, or s1, you wont get as huge a tone difference as you think.

ive got a 62' mia players deluxe, with scn pups. nice tones, but make sure you are getting the pups you want. the classic series, and the highway one, are really close in price to this one.

just a thought.

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imo classic '50s is the best in that price range.

best neck in the fender mexico line, nice sound. the tuners actually stay in tune too.
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