hey guys, i was wondering how far your bridge humbucker is from your strings in mm's ? thanks
mines about 4-5 mm's on my Epi Lp Standard

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~2 mm below the thin strings and ~4 under the thick B
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Mine's flat with the surface of the guitar. I have really hot EMG pickups, and that's right where I strum, so keeping them low keeps me from hitting them and cleans up the output a little. It's still more than hot enough.
I crank both my pickups as high as they can go, so that when the high and low E strings are fretted on the hgihest frets, they both just touch the top of the pickups. Then I lower the side of the pickups closest to the high E by about 1.5mm, and I lower the bass side (nearest the low E) on the bridge pickup by about 2mm, and on the neck pickup by about 2.5mm.

In other words, almost as close as they can physically go.
It depends on the guitar. In most cases passive pickups won't be too close (magnets will grab string vibrations and screw up intonation). My guitars with EMG's I put as close as possible though.
I don't know, exactly, but very close on my SG. One of the first things I did to it was raise the bridge pickup. Very loud.
6mm on my guitars
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