Alright listening now

The Main riff is pretty cool, kind of standard though, nothing new.

Bars 21-40(those riffs), really stand out and are definetely well phrased and thought out. Good work with those.

Loving the ensuing music after bar 69, great riffs there!.

Loving the rythm guitar work starting at bar 77 with the odd chords, sounds very cool.

The solo is awesome, very diverse.

The transition from bar 88-89 could've been alot better.

Ending pummeling is good.

Overall 7.5/10...The drums could've used alot of work, but i understand its hard with GP. The riffs did get monotonous and were repeated alot also, but still, cool song.

Please crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=789877
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First off, this song needs a bass line.

For the crit itself:
There's a very broad line between tasteful palm muting and over the top chugging. Unfortunately, it seemed at least every other note was an open 'B'. It's a bit much, to be honest.

The chords you used in bar 14 and 46 really don't fit with the rest of the verse (or at least that's what I assume it is), the progressions sounds 'happy'. And it's probably a Guitar Pro thing, but the final bars like 12 and 20 sounds really jumbled.

However, at bar 21 onwards until it reaches the verse riffs, it's pretty decent. At bar 39, the tech-death riffs, while good themselves, kind of clash with the rest of the song.
At bar 69 and afterwards, it's good as well. I liked the groovy riffs you put in there, and solo is pretty good, it fits nicely.

All in all, it's a decent a piece, but it's just missing something. There's great riffs, that's apparent, but as a whole its just alright.

If you want to crit mine you can, if not, no worries.