Hey, my second post here, just been reading the forums for ages tbh,

But. I now have a dilema. I need a new amp.

Sure, I have a Spide 3, 30 watt, so most things would be an upgrade...

Go about a grand to spend (Pounds, that is =P)

Looking for a 'metal' amp, but with good cleans as well,

Been thinking about the ENGL Fireball, but with the cab that runs just over budget but I think I could get a cab in Sound Control (Biiig discounts in there, got 300 off of a 700 guitar).

Any suggestions?

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why don't you just buy the engl in combo form?
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B-52 possibly?
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Hmm well how about a Mesa Boogie f-50/or f-30, you'll get enough gain from those but it's a little hard to eq. I'd maybe suggest buying an EQ pedal to go with it to tighten it up maybe, lower the mids with the eq pedal. It also has beautiful cleans, one of the best of the Mesa Boogie amps.
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I'm trying the combo next time I head into Glasgow, =/

Quickly searched the B-52 there, all I can find is 60W and 100W versions, which are a tad much for my attic, harhar.

I'll give the mesa a shot when I'm in next time, but I dont' think I've seen any over here for that price. Mesa is ****ing expensive....

Also. Line 6. No. Dear sweet jesus no... ;_;

Away to sleep for the night, exam tommorow, so, I'll bookmark this and check up tommorow, thanks ofr the input so far guys =)
ENGL sounds pretty up your street!
Go for the combo though.
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Line 6 Spider III
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It's amazing...


If you want PULVERIZING distortion coupled with JUGULAR-CHOPPING overdrive, get a Spider Half Stack
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Hah, I'll give that one a shot then, seeing as thats the shop I'm always in.

Same with the ENGL Screamer (I think thats what it is...)

Thanks guys. =)