hey, i got a speech i have to give tomarrow for a major grade and no idea what to do it over. it doesnt have to be hard (one guy did how to spot a fake i.d., and some girl did the history of chocolate.) i just dont know what to do. it has to be informative, so i am coming to the pit for some topic ideas. help me out
how to build a guitar or something. thats very informative, and you can just google it real quick. problem solved.
tell everybody how to wash your hands
i did a how to project on that in 5th grade and surprisingly got a 100 on it
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I told a guy earlier: do black history (well, it is BH Month...)

Choose someone other than MLK Jr. Great guy, overdone. Do Miles Davis. Most people know who he is, but most people don't know a lot about his life.

Just Wikipedia him and follow some of the links from there. Come up with an outline.

If you go with the Black History they seriously will tremble in fear of your lawsuit and/or pissing off all the black people.

Plus Miles rocks! Look him up - he'd be a great speech topic.
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History of the guitar as an instrument. History of guitar playing styles. History of a certain music style. History of Rock would be a good, easy one, starting with blues-rock, and going up to Modern rock.
hey man... i just finished public speaking last semester

anyways, its easiest to do something you are familiar with... even if it isn't amazing.
the more familiar you are with your topic, the less you'll freeze up and stuff... its a lot more natural to you. the more confident you are the better your speech is!

i gave a kick ass speech last semester advertising a pencil. it wasnt special or anything, but I know a lot about pencils... ive used them all my life... see what im saying?