I'm looking for a neck to fit my Teisco guitar. The pocket measures 2 5/8" long, 2" wide at the opening, 2 1/16" at the heel, and 5/8" deep. The scale is Gibson/Epiphone based so a derivative guitar is fine. My Teisco is a 1967 model so its somewhat hard to find parts for it that are cheap or worthwhile. I would prefer a six in a line headstock to a 3 and 3 but beggars can't be choosers. I've seen the sites that sell Fender necks but where can I source this neck ?
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Warmoth only sells fender strat or tele necks spec necks. Dont know if it will fit. They do have the short scale necks if the neck pocket is ok. And you can get em 6 on a side.
I know I will need to fit it somewhat, I just don't want to cut up the body. I'd rather fine tune the neck since its more easily replaced.