I've been off of university quite a lot recently, and in order to concentrate on my work, I've decided to leave my guitars back home, and in my flat I now only have my keyboard. I go back home every Friday night, and come back every Sunday night, so I have about 2 days a week when I can play guitar (and I don't really have much else to do on those days).

My question is, can anyone suggest some kind of exercises, or songs i can practise or something, so that I can still make some progress, or at least not lose any ground?

Also, I still have my keyboard here, so I can still practise on that during the week, should I try to practise at it or concentrate on using it for theory so that when I'm at home for the weekend I don't have to worry about theory?
with two days a week to practice, you aren't going to make progress, you will probably get worse.
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Well... that entirely depends on how good he was beforehand.

You can deal with 2 days per week of practice as long as it's dedicated time and intense practice. If you devote those 2 days to technique and the rest of the week to theory and ear training, it's entirely possible that you might get better.

Work out music during the week that sounds good to you on the keyboard and practice transposing it to the guitar on weekends. Stuff like that might be good for you.

Otherwise, cop some finger strengthening exercises from shred guitar books or websites and work on those on weekends.
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