So I've decided I'm tired of searching for Radiohead and getting results like 'Steven Spielberg prank call' on Limewire.

What are the best programs to download music legally? Napster is the first that comes to my head and I can't use Itunes because they use a different format.

Edit: I meant programs that cost money, I don't really mind paying.
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iTunes Store?
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Torrent it. It's illegal but probably easier than legally where you have to give your credit card number and all.

Or use Soulseek.
just buy the cd?
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zune. i <3 my turd brown 30 gig.
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just buy the cd?

I can't always find the CD and I figure paying for downloads is cheaper than buying the CD.
I use ruckus.com occasionally. You can only listen to them on your computer and you need a .edu email address to get it free, but they have a decent library and they claim its legal
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dont use limewire. it sucks
download music as torrents
its free n the quality is great
its illegal tho..
i also heard that if the police catch you illegally downloading music they are gonna come over to your house and shave off your eyebrows
www.play.com started doing downloads and it's cheaper than itunes
but other than that, itunes

don't torrent, kids
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