ok so i bearely got a metal muff and was wondering
whats the best way to use a pedal
this is my first pedal and its prety difficult to know how to use the eq on the amp and on the eq on the pedal in accordence
should i put the eq on my amp on 12 o clock on all knobs and use the mids to dictate how much of the pedal should go through or the other way araund or what
This is what I do. I use my 10 band first and adjust that the way I want. I tweak with the tmb on my amp (as it isn't nearly as powerful as the 10 band) All that is for my cleans. I then click on my greenscreamer and adjust the tone on that to remove mud/icepick. I fine tune with 10band and tmb on amp. I then check the cleans and try to find a happy medium between the two.

In your case you'd probably adjust your amp for cleans, click on the muff, adjust it and fine tune with the amps eq.
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