I'm looking to buy a new guitar and have come down to these two, they're about the same price range. The Fender Deluxe Players Stratocaster ($629) has Vintage Noiseless single-coil pickups, which I hear are the best aftermarket pickups Fender sells, and sound very nice. The Epiphone Casino ($600) has P90's which I have been told have a nice clean sound, but also a fat humbucker tone as well.

Really, I guess what it comes down to is which is the most versatile. I play everything from classic (Beatles, Dylan, Stones, Doors), to punk (Clash, Alk3), ska (Streetlight Manifesto, RBF, Specials), some blues (newer Dylan), indie (Strokes, Ted Leo, Modest Mouse, Sonic Youth, Spoon, Shins, Pixies) and of course alt rock (Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, RHCP). I originally looked at the Casino because I play a lot of Beatles stuff, and Elliott Smith; both played Casinos. I looked at the strat because of the pickups, and I was told (by a Fender guy) that they're the most versatile guitars around. The heaviest music I'd play isn't that heavy at all, probably Alkaline Trio, Smashing Pumpkins, and maybe some Coheed and Cambria...so heavy sounding isn't exactly a priority.

Which guitar sounds like a better fit? Does anyone have any other suggestions of guitars I should look at??
I would go for the strat easily. Well three beatles and Elliot Smith had Casinos, but look at the people on the other bands that use strats:

Albert Hammond Jr. (Strokes) but now that i think about it Nick Valensi plays a Casino
Billy Corgan (pumpkins)
John Frusciante (RHCP)
Others too

And you can get awesome tones for any of the other artists with a strat.
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Rock on y'all!

2 completely diff. guitars, that should not be compared to each other.

I am more of a strat guy.....and play my MIA with noiseless ALL the time, and i love it. Get the casino when you actually need it......the Strat will cover all generes....really, and it will be easier to play.

I have a Les Paul special with P90's, and I hate them.
I actually went through this exact same dilemma, but I ended up with the strat. The pickups aren't the best Fender offers, but they're up there. For the price, I think the strat is the better volume honestly, and its much more versatile