im installing a strap lock and there is already a screw in my guitar. the screw is huge and is too big. so i was gonna unscrew that and put the right size screw in. is it alright if i just make a hole right next to the other one or am i going to drill into something? and what should i do about the other screw. if it take it out there will be a hole in my guitar. Should i just leave it in or will that look funny you think?
I would think twice about drilling another hole and look into the possibility of alternatives such as an adapter or a new screw that would fit into the existing hole. Maybe someone else will have a better idea...... I just know that I'd be way hesitant to start drilling into any of my axes....

I'm not sure why the original hole is so big, do you have any pictures?
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Fill it with something
i'm sure its not huge, so no need for woodfiller
just superglue a match or thin bit of wood into the hole
wait for it to dry
then re-drill
will work wonders
take some toothpicks and some woodglue.
break the toothpicks in half and apply woodglue liberally.
stick the toothpicks (as many as you can) into the hole.
cut off any part of the toothpicks sticking out of the hole.
Allow time to dry, then screw in your new screw.

well i forgot about the cutting down part

I've done it on several of my guitars, works a treat
well i got the guitar used. so i was thinking maybe someone else put the bigger screw in because they were installing a strap lock maybe i could find a strap lock that uses that size screw? i dont know. thx for the help.
Probably the old original screw stripped out so they used a bigger screw to fix it rather than toothpicks. Maybe try one of the plastic wall anchors. Only way to fix properly is to fill the hole with a dowel or putty. You can use the plastic strap locks that go over original style buttons.