I keep getting told different ways of doing this and im wondering which is the proper way or atleast the most commonly used or easiest way to tap.
You can tap on Bass? I learn something new everyday.
How the hell would you do that? My fingers are already screaming just thinking about it.
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do all of us guitarists a favor and don't learn how to bass tap.
it's really annoying.
You mean like tap as in like with your fretting hand like MAB Double guitar style or like tap with your picking hand?

MAB style, umm, hit the strings REALLY HARD!!! lol

Normal style, whenever I do it I just use my middle finger like on a guitar, yeah it's hard but if your actions set lower it's not bad, just something to get used to, but you don't want your action too low, or you'll obviously encounter fret buzz, which sucks all around lol
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Colors by Between the Buried and Me is the Best album ever
Personally I tap down on the note with my right hand and do a kind of pull off on string and from there just hammer on any of the notes I want. Bass tapping is very fun.