One of my picks got stuck underneath my pickguard on my strat, and I tried to get it out but I ended up pushing it all the way in, completely out of sight...

is there anyway i can get the pick out without taking the pickguard off?

and will having a pick stuck in the guard hurt the electronics anyway?
thanks in advance, guys
... shouldn't really be a problem as far as i can see

*stifles laugh*

*stifling clearly not adequate*

theres no way to get it out dude...without taking the pickguard off...which aint so bad just get a screwdriver & do it...& the pick shouldnt hurt the electronics unless its metal.... then mabey...
ughh.. i feel like such a noob too, because it's never happened to me before in 8 years of playing. i was about to play/sing a song for an event at school and put a pick in there just in case i dropped the one i was using. i kneeled down to turn my amp on, plug in and started warming up, and the pick hit my knee and got pushed in. Then i used another pick to try and get it out and ended up just making the whole thing worse

i use the tortex medium oranges, by the way