I wasn't sure on the beat until the instrumentation came in. That just made it sound really old-school and so minimalistic and cool. I love the feel on the rhythm guitar, but the shredding just doesn't really seem to work on this track.

Sliced Earth:
Great use of phaser on the drum track. Dirty bassline also very cool. Shredding just seems to work so much better on this track. The feel just works. Also, you're a little more conservative with it. The riffage reminds me a little of what I've heard of Bowie's electronica phase. I now hear the further shreddage later in the song, and although it is less subtle than before, I feel the first bit warmed me up for it.

So, in summing, your sound is very cool, and I would imagine myself listening to it very easily.

How about giving my track a roll?