So today i just bought a used digitech tone driver, and hooked it up to my peavey rage II 10'amp with a custom strat. At first, i got the overdrive (sounds great), but then the device started acting weird and giving me high-pitch squeaks at steady short intervals. then i leaned over and touched the chord going from the digi to amp, and i swore i heard a singing womans voice thru the amp like she was on radio !!! I NEVER have heard of this before. ANY ANSWERS APPRECIATED!!
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yeah amplifiers pick up weak radio signals alot
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my friend n i hooked all of our amps together and we picked up radio stations,it was cool,and we used our whammy bars to manipulate their voices. we dont know y it happened though
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This happens...my amp picks up the local college radio station all the time...
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ya that happened to me. I was really freaked out at first cause I never knew it was possible!
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Any suggestions?
it might be a grounding problem in your guitar. or something to do with the lead.
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I heard the 'sampled' bit at the end of 'Mic Check' was apparently a Cuban radio signal picked up by Tom's Amp.
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It doesn't search titles, it searches the messages by default. And it works quite well; try "radio thru amp" on it.
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Happened to my peavey too. Scared the living hell out of me. I got spanish radio.

Thats weird, my peavey plays the spanish radio too. Maybe peavey amps are made in Mexico???
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