Well this is a first. I'm sick of spending a 100 dollars to get a pickup swap. i do change pickups a lot.... i have an ibanez s2020.. the cavity is very very small. and ive never done any soldering before in my life. i do know the basics and how it is done. but i dont know where what wires go where.. i know to follow a diagram and all. but is the wiring going to be different from what it is now to what im doing? Right now I have EMG 81 and 85. my guitar uses a piezo [the emgs are being ran to the same battery as the piezo] and a five way switch [positions 2 and 4 are killswitches] .. i am switching over to passive pickups. adder plus persuader lead in the bridge.. and a felony x in the neck... i would like to make the five way switch on how it should be.. as 2 and 4 in the single coil options.. can someone give me some tips and advice on what i should do? what to be careful for? some good links to wire diagrams? what kind of soldering iron to buy? or better yet... everything i should purchase? how much time does this usually take? can anyone do it? or should i just let a pro handle it. [can i ruin anything?] stuff like that. remember.. the emgs are still in the guitar right now.
any help would be great...
I dont think you can ruin any thing as long as you be carefull. Dont pull on the pickup wires of the pots/caps there should be a wireing diagram on the Ibanez website. As for soldering suplies dont buy a ****ty 10 dollar soldering iron go for the 20 dollar one cuz the 10 dollar ones have a tendancy to overheat. and get solder with a resin core because that helps clean the contacts. MAKE SHURE YOU DONT GET AN ACID CORE. Good luck...
any directions on how i would remove the current pickups? just heat up the gun, touch down on the solder... and use one of those solder remove suck up type things to remove the solder? and im not sure how the batterys would have been ran.. or how the killswitches were done? :|
good luck. ha, if it's anything like my attempt at pick up swaps your in for a world of frustration that i wouldn't wish on anyone. be very careful and don't pull to hard or yank wires. being proficient with a soldering iron helps and i agree on buying a quality iron. it'll help a ton
Stop failing, and things will work out.
maybe ill just make a post if anyone in the tri state area wants to help me out and make a few bucks... i just hate getting ripped by guitar center.