Hey all. If the amp head is wider than the cabinet, how do you keep the head stable? Basically, I was thinking of getting a 1x12 cabinet (its much more portable for carrying to band practice vs. a 4x12 :P) for an amp head roughly 30 inches. However, the cabinet's width is rough 24 inches, and I don't really want to have to worry about the head tipping over or anything of the sort. Any tips or advice(other than buying a 4x12 cabinet )? Thanks in advance!
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put the head on the ground?

put the cab (if its light enough) on top of the head?

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a 212 cabinet?

apparently, its portable like a 112 but you get decent bass or whatever
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Put it on the floor behind the cab, maybe?
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just buy a 212, much better sound than 112
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Maybe get a piece of wood to put on top of the cab then put the head on the wood?
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i have a peavey windsor head which is huge and a marshall 412 cab that is a compact design so its smaller than regular 412 cabs so i unscrewed the rubber blocks on the bottom of my head and lined them up with the slots for them on the top of the cab so it fit. if your head has rubber feet on it then just unscrew them and rescrew them closer to the middle so all 4 of them rest on the cab.