I have a Gibson Les Paul Studio that I've had for about a year now. I'm not sure if I should replace the pickups on it though. It still has the stock pickups in it.

No matter what amp I'm using the guitar always seems quieter than other peoples guitars on the same amp. I'm not sure if that is the pickup though.

So what should I do? Should I replace them? If so, what would be good? I play in a kinda grunge band.
:stickpoke thats pretty much it
Maybe you should check your pots first just in case. It would be a far cheaper solution if you could just replace those instead.
Haven't you heard?

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The first thing i'd consider is what kind of guitars are your friends playing?

Lots of import guitars have cheapo pickups that ARE very 'hot'.. and would sound louder than a 'general' output pickup.

You say you've had it for about a year.. did you buy it new or used? Do you have any idea what kind of pickups are in it?

The kinds of pickups Gibson uses varies from year to year or their mood.. but their most common combo the 490R and 498T aren't especially 'hot' pickups.