ive been looking into getting a multi effect pedal and a looper pedal of some kind, now i was going to do a lot more research and try a lot more things out before i made my choice...however.....

a used zoom gfx8 had been made available for me to buy tomorrow only, but im not going to have any time to try it out as i would have to meet the guy at uni before he goes home.

so i turn to the gear gods of UG... is it any good? are there a lot better ones on the market? (bearing in mind he wants around £85-95) will it be a dissapointment when i get it? would you recommend i try before i buy on anything?

if it helps i usually play from indie to dirty blues to hard rock and occasionally metal and currently have an LC30 as my amp and a yamaha pacifica.

so UG what is your opinion? it would be great to hear from anyone who actually owns the zoom
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multi-effects imo are normally for finding out what effects you like, not playing live or anything, as you can't turn the effects off, whereas with single pedals, you can,a nd still have your great clean/dist. setting. its up to you, money could be saved though.