For detuned metal would you guys get say a ltd with a 81/85 combo, or get the duncan combinations of a jb in the bridge and 59 in the neck? Give reasoning please, and thanks, the models im torn between are the mh1000 deluxe with no trem with duncans, or the h500 with emgs
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make urself a favor and check out the Schecter C1 -FR and the C1 theyre WAY better than ESPs or so ive heard and also check out the jacksons MG warrior and dinky MG... rlly the LTD quality isnt that great or so ive heard from people who played tehm
ive played both of those schecters, I simply wasnt impressed..the two instruments I mentioned felt better in my hands, I just cant decide which of the two pickup combos would be better. Thanks, anyone else have insight on which pickup combo would be better?
awesome, I just might go very low with the tunings, theres a guy on youtube who goes as low as A but he was using a ENGL blackmore with his brutal lol...thanks for the link
what would be the benefit of either, I'm assuming the emg's would obv be quieter, but the duncans would probly be the more versatile set?
B F# B E G# C#

Thats what a friend just sent, its low, its pretty heavy stuff with a lot of shred mixed in, im covering for the lead guitar player for a few gigs
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Any last recommendations before I order

Drop B tuning, go with EMGs.
appriciate the advice, anyone else? Not that im a fan, but I think I saw one of the guitarists from protest the hero use a mh-1000 and I'm pretty sure he had the duncan set in there and they tune fairly low and the clarity was definately there. Anyone else?