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Name some little drum beat things that are instantly recognisable

Eg We will rock you BOOM BOOM KA BOOM BOOM KA

or Reign in Bloods hits DOOM DOOM DOOM
Intro to "Rock and Roll" by Led Zeppelin.


Rust in Peace- Megadeth
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I personally think half the beats on Four Year Strong's Rise or Die Trying are really memorable. I can play one at band practice and suddenly the whole band plays the song for a little bit.
the amen break
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Hot For Teacher
Break On Through
Paradise City
Tom Sawyer
Smoke on the Water
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Hot for Teacher!!

I win, bitches.

edit: Or that break from Frankenstein.

Best Drumming part ever, hands down, probably the most famous VH one.
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When the Levee breaks

That drum beat was on a smoking vid I watched at school.

Also the drum beat for "Cum on Feel the Noize" and "Paradise City", those are pretty popular.
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Judas Priest - Painkiller

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Moby Dick, Back in Black, Gangland,
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Run to the Hills - Iron Maiden (intro)
Vicarious - Tool (breakdown)
Lateralus - Tool (verse)
Inna Gadda Da Vida.
Dissonance is Bliss

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hell yeah the dum dum dum raining blood hits.
also, the double kicks in the break in angel of death
We Will Rock You by Queen, lol.
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paradise city- guns n roses
rock n roll- led zepplin
feeling this- blink 182
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phil collin's in the air tonight


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I need that song so bad.. when teh levee breaks V_v. Im willing to trade if anyone is as kind to direct me to a way to acquire by...magical means?
Double Basssssssssss from "One" by MetallicA


the awesome complex drumwork from "Jesus Christ Pose" by Soundgarden
Discipline-Throbbing Gristle, I won't say it's really famous because Throbbing Gristle is pretty underground, but it is instantly recognizable to anyone into industrial music.
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black label - lamb of god (intro)
the faded line - lamb of god (second riff)
master of puppets - metallica
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opening cymbols to Blitzkreig by Malmsteen,
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Wipe-out - 5 million surf bands
My Sharona - The Knack
Hot For Teacher - VH

Edit: Overkill - Motorhead, it's a must learn for all metalhead drummers.
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and two that I'm surprised no one has mentioned, Honky Tonk Women (cowbell FTW!) and Sympathy for the Devil both by the Stones.
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Drum rolls at the start of Cherub Rock.

Goddamn it, I can't stay mad at the Pumpkins for long.
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That part from Phil Collins - In the air
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