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Crate Stealth Gt50
0 0%
Peavey Valveking 112
6 100%
Voters: 6.
Hey right now im stuck between two amps...And don't know which to get...First choice, A peavey valveking 112. I had experience with the peavey and is has a really good crunch, and Second Choice a crate stealth gt50 made by the legendary Lee Jackson. Never played it but it really suits my style of playing. Im into 80's style of rock and stuff.
Valveking does 80's quite well, so I voted for it. I think the Crate Stealth is the ancestor of the Blue Voodoo. Heard a lot of complaints about their sound on other forums, but try it out. I played a BV about 15 years ago and though it sounded really good.