i own one, and i would say it's a very decent bass in it's price range. this bass can do anything i ask, as far as tone. i'd recommend it to anyone that wants a genuine
Jazz Bass sound, with-out the "shiny" paint-job. i give it two thumbs up.
the opinion is biased, and my own.
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Is it rugged, its not like a squier is it?

Hell no. They are very good instruments. Everything about them is better than a MIM. Fretwork, bridge, QC, every aspect. But as always, try one out.
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Is it rugged, its not like a squier is it?


Anyways, which bass were you looking at? The P-bass or the J-bass? Either way, they're pretty good though.
I have my highway one jazz and love it. Only thing about it, and this comes down to personal preference, the finish wears easier, so be prepared to either take real good care of it, or else get comfortable with the worn look.

I would say that I got every penny I put into that bass back in enjoyment and performence. You get what you pay for and more.
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i tried the H1, the standard and the VM(p basses)
the H1 was like 500 times better
IMO the standard series are not a good bass for its price
tonewise for me its like this

fender standard p bass
squier VM p bass
fender highway one p bass
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