i have had a search and coundt find anything, so sorry if this has been asked a million times before, but what is a good distance from the mic be for vocals?

my current set up is a shure PG57 and i have made a make shift pop filter out of a bit of cloth placed about 2" from the mic.

i know the PG57 is a instroment mic and not one of the best ones at that, but it has to be better then my £4 PC mic, so thats what im using.

its gonna be for metal vocals, think slayer'esk style.

so any advice?

cheers james

Edit: also if u want to here a sample of what i have done with it, there is a sample in my profile called vocal test, i was right up to the cloth when i did it.
The only real indicator is yourself...make sure you can hear yourself through headphones while singing. I'd say three or so inches. Just turn down the preamp, and scream to your heart's content.
yea distance will change the sound, something like micing a guitar cab so just listen to a few distances and try to see which you like the best.

a pop filter isnt really needed for the 57 mic since its not condenser but im running the SM not the PG so I cant say how well that mic works without the filter...

When you can, get yourself the upgrade to the better SM57, I'm sure it's a ton better than the PG line.