im trying to make a college themed guitar for my school. its going to be electric but i dont know what type/brand/style/etc to use. any suggestions.

its got to have some room to put the school's logo and icon on it and i want it to be cool too.
What is your school like?

If it's a stuck up butt school, go for a classical style guitar. If it's ****ING Br0otalz, go for a dean ML stlye. If it's a cool school, go for a strat/superstrat/Les Paul.
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use a les paul jr. body with a P90, nice flat surface and alot of space for a logo

oh and dont get into any fights. im just doing this for fun since im at the school and i dont have any other design ideas on hand. thanks :-)
A strat body would be nice and easy. you could make the lower horn into the state of Louisiana.
Eastwood Jack white shape
I forgot the model
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