" This is a song me and my friend wrote for an acoustic gig saturday and it dawns on us mix with the guitar added to the lyrics in a low key that we may have to go to court for some mom blaming us on why her kid commited suicide! So please don't blame us! lol"

One Shot with A Fifth

roses red distilled to a color that's all gone,
i can't beleive what you said,
will be the last thing and now we're done,
i'm chasing my thoughts with a pen,
and this bottle to wash them down,
but nothing will stay but the image of you,
and what memories were made,
what memories were made,

as the city sleeps we wake,
to the sounds of our mistakes,
not knowing what's wrong,
we peddle through the night,
chasing a light,
just fixed on the bricks,
where we lay,
to stay,

So hold me close in your dreams,
and let this night bring,
better days for you,
i am gone but i'm here,
whenever your near,
i'll be close by your side,
so please shed no more tears,
for me,

in the absense of life,
i'll be forever gone,
but i know what i've lost,
and that i can not live without,
so share your last memories with me,
and don't mourn,
for i am all grateful,
that you will always be,
the one i loved