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I'm doing a psychology project and if all of ya'll could put what kind of household you grew up in, like did you have two parents with traditional gender rolls? like your mom was the primary care giver, but didn't nessicarily bring home the bacon, and your dad provided the majority of the revenue for the family but didn't nessisarily get involved with the family. or was is something different like a single parent household, or did you have gay parents or something differnt.

And is that the ideal you have for your own life, or would you like to live very different, if so how?

Thanks, a lot guys.
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well we have naked tuesdays, we fight a lot and when my dad gets out the belt things get pretty wacky.

i live with my mom and my dad lives about 2 hrs away. I see him about twice a month. My mom pays for everything and my dad gives us some money when we need it considering hes loaded.
Well my parents are divorced and my mom looks after me and my siblings mostly. And I go with my dad every 2 weeks or so for the weekend. They both have jobs and bring in money.
I grew up with a pretty normal middle class white family. Mom worked for the government, Dad was a pastor. Both parents cooked and the kids cleaned. Now my dad's in a rehab/homeless shelter so my mom is the primary care giver, and the kids clean/cook. Currently my sister, her husband, and my niece live with us, as does my grandmother. This with another sister and a brother, so it's eight people in all.
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..... I live with and my mom and sister are crazed ***** that deserve to roast in the deepest of the damnation itself. Im the unfavored child.
Parents are divorce, have been since I was two. I don't resent it at all, it was just about as amicable as possible and I switch houses every couple weeks.
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My mom took the parent roll untill I was 12. She left for 2-3 years. So then my dad took over going to my mom now and again. They got back together I didnt really need much parenting then.
i live with my mom, stepdad, and sister, sometimes stepbrother. i only see my dad when i want to, which, i dont wanna see him but sometimes when the parents are out of town.. i gotta. my dad was an a$$ and thats y i never see him. my stepdad is retired and he is whipped as hell.
EDIT: anyone feel like they got ripped off by thier parents? cause my dad put me in counseling becase he....long story. but i was told by said counseler (i dont know how to spell that, i think its wrong though) to never talk or see my dad again. and my mom never told me when she got re-married. so, yea, anyone?
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way too much to type about where and with whom I grew up. it was kinda crazy.

short version:
my parents are divorced and my sister and i have gone between living with them and/or my grandparents since i was about 7
my parents divorced when i was 10, been going back and forth every week since.
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I lived with both up until I was 8. My dads in the military, and an alcoholic. They got divorced cause either my dad beat my mom, or my mom cheated on my dad (they both tell me different stories). Once they got divorced, I didnt see my dad for a few years, and my mom became a waitress at Jack Stack, while she went back to college to get certification to become a teacher. Ive probably moved about 5 times, just in this state. Currently, my mom is an elementary school teacher in the city, while we live in a suburb. I saw my dad every other weekend for a few years, and now hes in Iraq. My mom has a boyfriend now who lives with us, and supposedly buys food. He welds plastic tanks, and wants to be a redneck. He typically stays in my moms room and watches TV all day.
Thats pretty much the jist of it. I live in Kansas too btw...
i feel this is gonna turn into a thread of people competing over who has the more ****ed up home life.
my parents are divorced. I see my dad twice a month, and i had a very strange childhood

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both of my parents work. my dad is basically mr mom. he gets home early so he cooks and cleans. my mom gets home around 8pm. my dad cares about us a lot,but he barely shows it, he's usually serious. my mom shows it a lot. me and my parents have a weird relationship. we'll fight one day and the next day talk all day. it's weird.
mom = paranoid skitzophrenic <--SP? with a temper
dad = wants to kill himseelf
My mom and dad and I were a pretty nuclear family up until he died of prostate cancer three years ago. After that my sister (22 then) moved back in with us and now it's the three of us. My dad made the money and my mom took care of me. After he died my mom got a job and my sister has one now too and they both work daily, but they're still both very maternal. I leave it so they need to take care of me as little as possible, just provide food and a house. I've been looking for a job forever and can't seem to get one.
My dad died when I was very young. So I grew up with my mom. She took care of me AND my dad when he was sick. She worked very hard, payed all the bills and did a good job of raising me She also managed to save up alot of money for my college education.

I'm very proud of her.
Life's pretty good. Both work, mom's a paralegal downtown and dad works maybe 5 miles away from the house at a factory doing maintenance work. Dad brings home the most money, but mom still brings home quite a bit.

No home cooked meals though, until recently. Family eats whenever they feel like it. Usually take-out or frozen food that you throw in the oven. Dad's an alcoholic and smoker, but is not mean in any sense. Usually very few conflicts, usually keep to ourselves a lot.
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i feel this is gonna turn into a thread of people competing over who has the more ****ed up home life.

Pretty much.

Mine's a normal enough middle class family.
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I'd say that I've had a pretty normal upbringing..

My momma and daddy are still married, 22 or so years now. I live with my mom and little bro Luke on our family's farm, my dad is a forester and works out of town monday thru friday on a 30,000 acre deer/quail hunting plantation in south Alabama. When I was small I didn't see him alot...he was a Firefighter for the forest service so he was always out west in Idaho or Montana fighting wildfires when I was a kid, he has since left the forest service and went back to forestry.
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parents divorced when i was 11. I spent several years going inbetween houses. Then i lived with my mum for a period of time, and i currently live with my father. My parents do not speak to each other.
It wasn't really that bad. Both my parents had jobs. Having divorced parents never upset me.
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My dad died when I was very young. So I grew up with my mom. She took care of me AND my dad when he was sick. She worked very hard, payed all the bills and did a good job of raising me She also managed to save up alot of money for my college education.

I'm very proud of her.

That's amazing

Since my dad passed my families nearly fallen into poverty
I live with both of my parents and a younger sister. We're middle class and happy people. Recently my parents have began fighting because now money is gettinlg tight with all the inflation recently. My parents both love my sister and me.
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I'm middle class, and grew up in a white family. Both of my parents are Hardcore Christians. My mom hasn't been employed for over a decade, and my dad makes all the money. I couldn't have grew up in a more stereotypically normal household.
Uh lets see, I grew up with my mother, father, twin sister, and lotsa family pets. My mom does the house work (cleaning, groceries, picks me up from school and takes care of me etc.) and my dad brings home the bacon AND does work in the kitchen (cooking etc.)

Was that enough info?

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My dad works a job that puts us in middle class and my mom is a homemaker but she's sick alot of the time so I end up doing that. When I was six she got cancer and I had to take care of the house and my sister and brother because my dad was in the navy. She doesn't have it anymore but it damaged her so that's why she gets sick. And I have a halfbrother with an IQ of 80 who is doctor approved insane and tells us he'll kill us and a sister with an IQ of 164 who is autistic and another brother like her and my youngest brother and I got stuck being without those flaws, if you want to call them flaws. But other than that everything is pretty good.

Not sure if that's what you wanted but there you go
Good luck with your project!!

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I live with my dad and stepmom. It's kind of not great considering they both are unhappy folks who think money and nice things will make you happy but they arent bad ppl. My dads a pretty awesome dude sometimes.
my dad works at home (luthier), and takes care of the kids during the day. my mom is a teacher, and brings home most of the money. no divorce, drugs, ssri's, or fighting. we're all just easy going people.
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I'm very fortunate. My parents are still together, and they love each other very much. They both have good jobs, and take care of me very well. I can't imagine what it would be like to have divorced parents like some people do.
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Two parents. Both of them work, although my mom stopped working for a while when I was in elementary school. Average suburban household.
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Both my parents worked (and still do... well, not mum at the moment, she's currently recovering from surgery), and both played a shared role in the caregiving. Which I think is great, both parents should share a significant amount of time with their children.
until i was about 11-12 my mom stayed home while my dad worked. both played a role in raising me and caring for me and my brother and sister.
Had both parents, both worked, when I was 8 my dad announced he was transexual. Parents got divorced, I live with my mom and see my dad quite a bit.
Parents are still married (I think 24 years now, but don't quote me on that). Dad's a partner at an Ad agency or something, Mom is a homemaker and home schools my younger brothers (they weren't happy with the quality of education in our school district). It's fine that she doesn't work because we're rich. Both handled the parenting pretty equally when I was growing up. I'm 21 now and still living at home while I got to community college because I'm lazy as ****. Hopefully going to real college in the fall, and my standard of living is going to drop drastically when I do. That kind of sucks, but I'm trying to prepare myself for not having 400 tv channels.
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My mom's a drafting engineer. She works and my dad stays at home, he used to be a truck driver but then he got into an accident. He's perfectly fine now, but he just stays at home :/ ...and they've been married for 25 years as of last week.
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